Cookeryaki® Teppanyaki Table

What is teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is a modern style of Japanese cuisine based around an open iron cooktop, where the food is grilled right in front of the customers. The experience is turned into a performance. Often referred to as “hibachi” outside of Japan, a teppanyaki meal features various courses of meat, seafood, and vegetables cooked tableside by a highly-skilled chef. The dining style is thought to have originated in Japan in the post-war era, when a Japanese restaurant chain seeking to emulate American-style steakhouses became a huge hit overseas.

Cookeryaki® Teppanyaki Table

Manufactured from 304 stainless steel and truly built to cook. Our team has been manufacturing teppanyaki table for years and we grown into a one-stop service. The restaurant can customize its own teppanyaki equipment according to the situation.

Features of Cookeryaki® Teppanyaki Table
No rangehood, no ducts, no pollution
Disassembled and washed
Integrated downdraft ventilation and filtration
Resistance of fouling and corrision, innovative design
Health-minded design with an aim to eliminate grease smell
20mm thick food grade alloy steel, No deformation & discoloration
Plug-and-use mobility with lockable wheels
Energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating system
Low-noise exhaust fan

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