Commercial Teppanyaki Table, ranging in size, suitable for restaurant kitchens of any size, teppanyaki table super strong soot adsorption to ensure indoor hygiene in the restaurant.

Professional air circulation system, so that customers can not smell a trace of oily smoke, mobile teppanyaki is made of a one-piece frying pan to uniformly heat the ingredients.

Our teppanyaki are made of imported alloy steel, feature non-stick cooking surfaces, with CE, ISO, SGS and UL approved, every product is strictly under highest quality control.

The restaurant can customize its own teppanyaki equipment according to the situation, cooking plate material:20mm thick food grade alloy steel, No deformation, No discoloration.

Hibachi is a simple and easy to operate, no smoke, environmentally friendly products, hbachi operation panel, the oil filter plate, etc. are all made of stainless.

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