Teppanyaki Table

Types Of Teppanyaki Tables

Cookeryaki® offer smokeless teppayaki table. This table model is usually chose by gourmet restaurant owners and can b custom built most of the times. Top of the range products include electro-static precipitation systems, powerful exhaust fans and a downdraft filtration system. All of these will assure that your restaurant will not be filled with smoke and smell from cooking, assuring a nice and pleasant atmosphere for your clients. Cookeryaki proudly offers high end smokeless teppayaki tables and accessories. we supply teppayaki tables in more than 30 countries.

We offer fully customizable tables. You can choose from a wide range of materials like classic stainless steel, wood- patterned steel, sandblasted glass and marble table tops etc. Being a fully customizable table, this product can set you back with more than a few thousand dollars, but the investment is well worth it. Accompanied by a talented chef such a table can become the main point of interest of any restaurant and can help you get a bigger profit margin.

All in all, a teppayaki table is a great addition to a Japanese oriented restaurant and there are some must have features that any table should have. Our suggestion is to go with custom made tales because they deliver the best quality.

Origin and features of the teppanyaki grill

The origins of the teppanyaki grill are unclear. Some people believe that the style of Japanese cuisine dates back to 200 years ago to a time when families would gather together to prepare their dinners over small grills. Most people agree that teppanyaki was first introduced by Japanese chefs as a grilling style in the U.S. Teppan translates as iron plate, and yaki translates as pan-fried or grilled. Teppanyaki grills are found in many Japanese restaurants as long, flat grills around which guests are seated. The chefs grill the food that is ordered in front of the guests, wowing them with their culinary talents and excellent knife skills.

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