Mobile Teppanyaki Table

What is teppanyaki

Japanese teppanyaki steakhouses are a popular way to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine cooked fresh in front of the diners. The word “teppanyaki” describes the way the food is cooked. Its name combines the words teppan (鉄板), which means “iron plate,” and yaki (焼き), which means “grilled.”

At a teppanyaki restaurant, the guests are seated around a large, flat grill surface and watch as the chef cooks the food and sometimes performs culinary tricks to add to the entertainment value of the dining experience.

How about Cookeryaki® mobile teppanyaki table

Cookeryaki® introduces the all-new Mobile Teppanyaki, a solution for everyone by the professional. With Cookeryaki® Mobile Teppanyaki, the chef can now focus on their performance, flipping and juggling utensils and eggs while the teppanyaki griddle works consistently, thanks to Cookeryaki® environmentally friendly heating system, providing 3 minutes of hot heat function.

Cookeryaki® all new mobile teppanyaki is designed for professional and non-professional, with solid high-temperature performance and robust design. Professional air circulation system, so that customers can not smell a trace of oily smoke. Most importantly, the smokeless mobile teppanyaki table is healthy, safe, and easy to maintain.

Gas Mobile Teppanyaki Grill


Customized Mobile Teppanyaki


Half Grooved Half Flat Mobile Teppanyaki


Small Mobile Teppanyaki Table


Mobile Yakitori Grill Table


Mobile Teppanyaki Table With Small Marble Counter Top


Mobile Teppanyaki Table With Anti Glass Guard


Easy Move Teppanyaki Table With Push Hand


Mobile Teppanyaki Table


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